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ABC+ Small Sardines "Brava" Sauce, 120g

ABC+ Small Sardines "Brava" Sauce, 120g

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They say “Brava,” we shout “Bravo!” Red pepper, chili, and garlic envelop these distinguished sardines in a sweet, spicy, and creamy harmony that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

No fish is more Portuguese than the mighty sardine. It occupies a place of honor as the most appreciated and consumed fish in the country. ABC+ strives to contribute to the internationalization of this important tradition.The Brava sauce has a bright orange, creamy shine that invites you to dive in head first. Just a touch spicy, but with perfect balance - we can’t help but soak up every last drop with whatever source of carbs we have around.

SERVING: With spicy pickles on a charcuterie board, soaking through a hearty loaf of bread, creating a sauce and protein in your next decadent rice dish
MADE IN: Portugal
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