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    Merci Montecito

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    Merci Montecito
    Riviera Bread

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    Pinyon Ojai

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    Riviera Bread

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    Oat Bakery

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  • Jambon-Beurre Baguette Sandwich $18
    Fra' Mani ham and lightly salted Échiré butter. Served with house made malt vinegar chips and a side of cornichons.
  • Roasted Turkey Baguette Sandwich $18
    Tomato jam, thinly sliced smoked turkey, and aged white cheddar. Served with house made malt vinegar chips and a side of bread & butter pickles. 
  • Gigante Bean Salad $13
    Green squash, Thai basil, preserved bergamot, and garlic oil 
  • Egg Salad $13
    Cornichon, dijonaise, pickled mustard seed, and green peppercorn 
  • Magic Bar $6.25
    House made vegan graham cracker crust layered with Guittard chocolate chips, shredded coconut, walnuts, cocoa nibs, and sweetened condensed coconut milk
  • Cookie Dough $28
    Ready to bake, made with Guittard 61% chocolate coins and topped with fleur de sel

Riviera Bread

  • Coastal Sourdough Batard $13
    (organic bread flour, organic stone-ground rye/spelt/wheat, water, sea salt)
  • 6"x9" Sea Salt Focaccia $8.50
    (organic bread flour, stone-ground wheat, organic olive oil, water, wild yeast starter, sea salt)
  • Sourdough Baguette $5
    (organic bread flour, organic stone-ground spelt/wheat, water, sea salt)
  • + Seasonal offering MP

All bread offerings are 100% naturally leavened sourdough with a minimum of 30% stone-ground whole grain, and all flour is organically grown.

Pinyon Ojai

  • 1lb Square 5-Seed Sourdough Loaf $10
    (wheat, salt, yeast, pumpkin seed, poppy seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, flax seed)
  • 9" Vegetarian Italian Sub $15
    (harissa marinated king trumpet mushrooms, garlic aioli, and provolone on baguette)
  • 9" Italian Sub $15
    (soppressata, garlic aioli, and provolone on baguette)
  • Sourdough Bagels $3-$18
    (rye flour, wheat flour, salt, yeast, olive oil, cane sugar)
    *furikake bagel also contains nori, onion, garlic, sesame
    *everything bagel also contains onion, garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds
  • Plain or Scallion Cream Cheese $1.50-$6
    (cream cheese, yuzu kosho, spring onion)
  • Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Scone $4
    (wheat, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, buttermilk, lemon, blueberry, baking powder)
  • Savory Cheddar Scallion Biscuit $4
    (wheat, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, buttermilk, scallion, chile, provolone, baking powder)
  • Citrus Marinated Olives $7
    (Castelvetrano olives, bay leaf, lemon peel, chili, garlic)
  • Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookie $4

All bakery items are organic, with minimum 25% whole grain, and featuring local produce wherever possible.

Oat bakery

  • Charcoal Sesame Sourdough Loaf $12
  • Seeded Sourdough Loaf $12
  • Shiitake Shallot Bun $7
  • Hygge Bun $6
  • Rosemary Olive Focaccia $6
  • Superseed Cookie $6